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One of praziquantel pills forms of herpes simplex is herpetic folliculitis, which develops against the background of HIV infection. Its symptoms can be called multiple vesicles, which quickly open and become covered with brownish crusts. It occurs only in men in the region of the lips and chin.

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At the same time, there are forms of herpes simplex, in which the disease stops at biltricide pills. Symptoms in this case may be limited. itchy red spots with close to rounded contours, passing in 3-4 days, single blisters, short-term itching passing in 1-2 days.

With doubtful symptoms of praziquantel simplex, especially with genital localization, PCR (polymerase chain reaction technique) or RIF (immunofluorescence reaction) are used to detect the virus. However, these techniques are not cheap and are used only when absolutely necessary.

Treatment of herpes simplex in order to obtain a lasting result, the earliest relief of symptoms, should be comprehensive and carried out by a specialist doctor. This is also true because more serious health problems can be hidden behind the manifestations of herpes.

For treatment, antiviral drugs are used, which reduce the symptoms of praziquantel simplex, but do not completely destroy the virus. It also improves immunity and treats major diseases. If you are aif you suspect that you have a disease similar to herpes, immediately go to the hospital, where you will be assigned to do the necessary tests and make the correct diagnosis.

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Diagnosis of herpes simplex consists of taking an anamnesis (survey), examination and laboratory diagnostics. The collection of anamnesis is carried out by a doctor. During the examination, an element (vesicle, or vesicle) is detected, rising above the level of the skin, containing a clear liquid (hemispherical in shape with rounded outlines). When dried, the bubbles form crusts. If the vesicle is damaged, a small surface defect remains, which disappears without a trace over time. The herpes virus of the first type affects, as a rule, the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and pharynx, eyes, and can cause encephalitis. The second type of herpes virus is localized in the genital area.

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Nowadays, due to the diversity of the sexual life of people, there are cases of detection of HSV-2 in places characteristic of HSV-1 and vice versa. These mutated viruses are more resistant and difficult to treat. After examination, the doctor prescribes the necessary tests for delivery to the laboratory. None of the modern methods of diagnosing viral diseases gives a full guarantee about this disease. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to the use of at least two diagnostic methods or to conduct repeated studies.

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For laboratory diagnosis of herpes simplex, it is necessary to take the following materials for analysis. blood, saliva, contents of herpetic vesicles, smears from the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, pharynx, cervical canal and urethra.

Later, the resulting liquids are examined for the content of the herpes simplex virus in them. Diagnostics can be carried out by the following methods. microscopic, molecular biological, cultural and serological. microscopic method. The resulting smears are stained with special dyes. In the presence of praziquantel pills online, giant multinucleated cells are found. The amount of cytoplasm in them is increased, in the nuclei there are Caudy inclusions, which are clumps of marginal chromatin. However, this study has a low diagnostic specificity, since this method cannot distinguish HSV from other types of herpes. The sensitivity is about 60%. At present, this study is not reliable.

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This type of research consists of several stages. First, material is taken from the patient (mainly the contents of the vesicles), presumably containing the virus. Then either they infect a laboratory animal, or (most often) bring it into a special cell culture or chicken embryo. A day later, infected animals show symptoms of the disease. After 2-3 days, changes begin to occur in the cell layers. they are rounded, form huge cells with atypical inclusions in the nucleus and many nucleoli. On the second day, plaques 2-3 mm in size are formed in the chicken embryo. For better visibility, they are painted with a neutral red. In the presence of the above changes, the analysis for the herpes simplex virus is considered positive. This method is accurate, however, it is long and expensive.

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